Nursery - Our cute penguin creations!

Our Nursery class has made the cutest penguin creations as part of their study into the winter season! By using different materials such as felt and coloured paper, our students successfully produced wonderful finished pieces!


Year 4 - Science Experiment

We had the pleasure of observing Year 4's science experiment all about sound vibrations this week!


An Exciting Number Day!

We love numbers here at BHA! For example, did you know that this school first opened in 2006, but the building has been here since the 1800s? We've got 164 students in school, and 7 different year groups! Numbers are everywhere, and number day is a great way for our children to get involved with different Maths-related activities!


Charity Fitness Launch!

And we're back with another Charity Fitness Event! We cannot wait for you all to attend and support our students into this exciting physical fitness endeavour. Our students will be preparing for this busy event during their P.E. lessons, training with the different equipment, and navigating the many obstacles and hurdles they'll be challenged with on the day. This is just one of our initiatives at BHA to shape our students into well-rounded children, and we're looking forward to sharing more snippets and snapshots with you along the way!

We'd also like to thank Br Abdur-Rahman and Br Khalid for working with us to organise this fun event!