Year 4 - Where does our food come from?

Where does our food come from? That question was the centre of our Year 4 class's science investigation, where they looked at process of how we get our food at home! In addition, they looked at concepts such as sustainability and the environment and their finished double-page spreads are filled with information!


Stay and Play!

Stay and Play is an initiative organised by our EYFS giving parents and children the opportunity to quite literally stay and play for a few hours in a vibrant and lively setting. Our EYFS rooms are equipped with everything a young child may want - an assortment of toys, crafts, books, stuffed animals and so much more!


The Big Iftar!

Select students from our BHA choir had the opportunity of performing at the Big Iftar on Tuesday, which was organised by Middlesex University and Barnet Council, and our choir did an absolutely fantastic job! Our students received high praise from councillors, government and education officials and even Madame Mayor of Barnet too, all of whom thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the nasheeds sang by our students! A big congratulations goes out to all our performers for their hard work, dedication and effort, and to everyone who helped them prepare for the big day!



With special thanks to LightArtVR for giving us this opportunity, our students were able to take a trip through Islamic History, whether that was Ancient Arabia, the story of Isra and Mi'raj, Musa A.S splitting the sea and so much more! As the first school in the UK to experience this, we are incredibly grateful that our staff and students could immerse themselves in the experience, and definitely felt as if they had travelled back in time through 2000 years of Islamic history! With special effects and 8K graphics, the visual world definitely felt as if it was real, and left our students more connected and appreciative of their faith than ever!