Our Governors

Board of Governors

At Barnet Hill Academy we are delighted to have an incredibly strong Board of Governor's. This includes Governors with decades of education experience in senior education roles. The Board also includes a great deal of school governance experience and the spiritual knowledge and experience of members of the Governance board is also strongly evident. As the school grows and develops we will continue to develop the Governance capacity at the school and the Governor's welcome engagement with parents, the local community and beyond.

Chair of Governors
Lubna Khan
Vice Chair of Governor's
Abdul Aziz Ahmad
Dr Adnan Ali
Akbar Choglay
Abdal Gaffar Herwitker
Amreena Hussain
Yusuf Ahmed Rawat
Alim Shaikh
GovernorMoni Choudhury
GovernorImran Sheikh
Clerk to Governors
Tariq Ahmed