A school uniform is an essential part of a school's life, it conveys the school ethos, establishes standards of dress and conduct and helps students form a unique sense of pride and identity in themselves and their school. As Barnet Hill Academy develops the school uniform will also help convey the school's unique identity. The dress code will be gradually disseminated over the Summer term, commencing from KS1 and throughout the school as the terms and year develops. We will keep parents abreast of these changes in a timely manner and provide opportunities for fittings and payments in an amiable fashion.

Price & Buckland have been providing a schools uniform service since 1959. We have engaged Price & Buckland as our new uniform suppliers and have secured introductory preferential pricing for the new uniform which applies across the school, YR to Y11. We have worked hard to keep costs as low as possible whilst maintaining high quality and, we have also effectively engaged our students via the School Council (Primary) and Prefects (Secondary) throughout the process.

We are delighted to advise that the new school uniform is now available to purchase online, full details are available here:



1. Pinafore: all pinafore's are available only directly from the school, please contact Ms Fayyaz (Resource Manager)

2. Hijab: Primary - plain white     Secondary - plain black

3. The new school uniform is compulsory for all students, further details can be enquired via Reception / Administration colleagues