Weekly Assembly - Online

Friday has always been a special day for the pupils in school. They would have their Jumuah prayer with a weekly reminder given before the Salaah which all pupils would look forward to. We would like to continue making Fridays special for them by conducting weekly assemblies online.

The assembly will take place at 1:30pm every Friday for approx 10-15 minutes online.


Keeping Safe

The Government Guidance are there to ensure we are safe and we protect those around us. It is important that we act upon these guidance aswel as making Duaa to Allah (s.w.t) to protect us all. Aameen.


School Closed - Online Learning

Unfortunately due to the Government decision to locate teaching online the school will not be physically open except for specific children identified as of key workers. Further information is available via the School Office.


Lockdown Over - What does each Tier mean?

The government has announced details of the new three tier system that came into effect from the 2nd of December as the four-week national lockdown across England ends. These levels comprise of medium, high and very high risk, setting out information for local authorities, residents and workers about what to do and how to manage the outbreak in their area.