1, 2, 3 and Freeze (frame)!

Our Year 4 students explored their current book, Oliver and the Seawigs, by enacting freeze frames of different scenes! This teaching approach offered a way for our children to work creatively; freeze frames and expressive movement open the door to understanding someone's emotions, feelings and actions, and in this context, our students were really able to step into the pages of the book they're reading!


Reception - Crafting our own Book!

Our Reception students have put on their crafting caps and they've produced a stellar book of their own. They've taken their current classroom read, The Leaf Man, and made their own copy out of different materials such as leaves, tissue paper and card! In addition, our Reception students have also been rehearsing this story, in order to perform it in front of another class!


Keeping Safe

Our government guidelines make clear the measures we have to take to keep our students safe! At BHA we value the safety of our students, in order to ensure that they learn in a healthy and nurturing environment!


Year 6 - Heart Dissection

Our Year 6 students were enthralled upon learning the anatomy of a heart as they dissected one in the classroom! The hands-on approach allowed our students to see, touch and explore the organ, while also deepening their comprehension of biological systems!