Yea 8 - Visit to Yavneh College

The Year 8 class visited Yavneh College in Borehamwood.

The students were participating in an inter faith project with an Orthodox Jewish school.
They participated in a variety of activities including Laser gun games and a circus skills workshop.


Year 6 - Trip to the House of Parliament

As part of their British Values learning, Year 6 travelled to the Houses of Parliament and took part in a workshop titled ‘Journey to Democracy’. Initially, they were given a guided tour of the Palace of Westminster, whilst exploring how Britain went from being an absolute monarchy to a modern-day democracy. This was followed by a workshop where the children were given the opportunity to investigate historical artifacts and clues, whilst focusing on the role of the two houses: the House of Commons and the House of Lords. This lead onto a final discussion about who has the power to make laws in Britain and how laws have changed over time.


Year 6 - Pizza Express Trip

As part of a cross-curricular activity, Year 6 were taken to a pizza-making workshop at Pizza Express, Baker Street. This was a very exciting learning experience for the children as they learnt about some important cooking basics, experienced how to knead the dough before making their own famous, Italian classic: the Margherita pizza. In addition, they also discovered just how important fresh ingredients are to a pizza’s flavour. Whilst their pizza cooked in the oven, they took part in an ingredients quiz and at the end of their visit they were all given a ‘Junior Pizzaiolo Certificate’ to take away with them along with their fresh pizza!


Student guide for exams

A very beneficial document to help students cope with exam pressure. Please download document to read.