Year 4 - Science Experiment with Sound Vibrations!

A Science investigation was being conducted in our Year 4 class, where they listened to and measured the different types of vibrations that resulted from pulling apart elastic, or tapping one side of a ruler. Not only did they participate in the practical investigation, but also wrote down their scientific findings in a thorough investigative report!


Year 3 - Exploring 2D and 3D Shapes!

As part of their art lessons, Year 3 has been exploring 2D and 3D shapes and one of their activities challenged them to make different 3D shapes out of 2D shapes but without using glue or tape! This fun initiative allowed our children to think of creative ways to complete the task at hand, and they've done a fabulous job!


Year 1 - Making 3D Sculptures!

Our Year 1 students had their creativity challenged during their Art lesson, where they made absolutely fantastic 3D sculptures out of paper! Their amazing flowers, castles and turrets were made from rolling and cutting paper into different shapes and sizes!


Year 6 - Interview with an AI WWII Soldier!

We had the pleasure of sitting in on an interview with a WWII (AI) soldier in Year 6! It was an excellent supplement to their History knowledge, and our students were able to immerse themselves into their learning through this new, creative outlet. From asking the AI soldier about the different battles that WWII comprised of, to enquiring about what the soldiers ate and drank, this was an excellent activity to get our students' brains whirring!