Admissions Process

Applying for a school place at Barnet Hill Academy

If you would like to apply to the school you may call to obtain an application form, or download documents from this website. Parents are also invited to visit the school, which can be with their child – please ensure an appointment is made in advance of your visit, of course unscheduled visits will not be accommodated.

STAGE 1: Making the application

Please send your application in good time as places are very limited, this can be at anytime throughout the year.
Application Fees payable: £100 (Non-Refundable)

STAGE 2: Entrance examinations

Following successful receipt of your application, with all necessary details i.e. previous school report, medical report etc. your child will be invited to visit the school, to sit our entrance examinations. This will be a half day in which your child will take tests in English, Mathematics and Islamic Studies. The examinations are exclusive to our school and aim at testing the attainment and the potential of prospective students. The content of all examination papers is confidential and will not be given to parents.
There are no fees payable for examinations unless a resit is offered in which case there is a £50 (Non-Refundable) charge.

STAGE 3: Interview with a member of the Senior Leadership Team

After the examination you will be invited to meet with a member of the Senior Leadership Team, an Assistant Headteacher or the Principal. This is an opportunity to discuss any aspect of the school, its curriculum, teaching or any other matters.

STAGE 4: Application Review

A review of your application will be made after the submission of all the necessary documents:
a) Application Form & Application Fee
b) Previous School Reports 
c) Medical Reports (if applicable)
c) Entrance Exam Results

STAGE 5: Offer & Student Enrollment

After Stages 1 to 4 have been successfully completed and the review of the application conducted a decision will be communicated to parents. Parents are advised to familiarize themselves with the school policies before enrollment. Details of the school uniform will be provided at this stage, however, full details are available online via the school website by following the menu, Parents > Uniform
Parents will be required to complete and return all the final, required documentation so that their child can be successfully enrolled at the school, without this students will not be fully enrolled nor potentially allowed to attend classes until the administration processes are complete including fees contracts and fees which will need to be settled prior to issuance of a final acceptance letter.
Registration fees payable: £100 (Non-Refundable)

STAGE 6: Acceptance Letter

Once stages 1 to 5 are fully complete, including Fees Contracts, a letter of admission will be provided confirming enrollment of your son/daughter at Barnet Hill Academy; until such time as the letter is issued, demonstrating full compliance with all registration procedures your child/s enrollment will be considered as pending full registration.

Note: Registration at the school is regarded as acceptance of the full set of schools policies and procedures, many of which are published online and all of which are available in printed form via the school office upon request; parents should make a request to Ms Tarannum and allow up to 3 days for requests for printed policies.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your application, please do not hesitate to contact the school office in advance of commencing the application process, parents are strongly advised to familiarize themselves with the school's policies and procedures prior to enrollment.
Application Flowchart

Application Flowchart