Policies are regularly updated, please check back regularly for updates and new policies.

Accessibility Plan
BHA_Accessibility_Plan.pdf(836.86 KB)
Attendance Policy
BHA_Attendance_Policy v2.0.pdf(272.56 KB)
Anti-Bullying Policy
BHA_Anti_Bullying_Policy.pdf(322.51 KB)
Assessment Policy
BHA_Assessment_Policy.pdf(547.2 KB)
First Aid Policy
BHA_First_Aid_Policy.pdf(297.27 KB)
Health & Safety Policy
BHA_Health_and_Safety_Policy.pdf(429.01 KB)
Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy v1.0
BHA Safeguarding and Child Protection v1.0.pdf(656.85 KB)
Data Subject Access Request Policy
Data Subject Access Request Policy.pdf(263.63 KB)
Subject Access Request Form
Subject Access Request Form.pdf(67.2 KB)