Policies are regularly updated, please check back regularly for updates and new policies.

Accessibility Plan
BHA_Accessibility_Plan.pdf(836.86 KB)
Attendance Policy
BHA_Attendance_Policy v2.0.pdf(272.56 KB)
Anti-Bullying Policy
BHA_Anti_Bullying_Policy.pdf(322.51 KB)
Assessment Policy
BHA_Assessment_Policy.pdf(547.2 KB)
First Aid Policy
BHA_First_Aid_Policy.pdf(297.27 KB)
Health & Safety Policy
BHA_Health_and_Safety_Policy.pdf(429.01 KB)
Data Subject Access Request Policy
Data Subject Access Request Policy.pdf(263.63 KB)
Subject Access Request Form
Subject Access Request Form.pdf(67.2 KB)
Prevent Policy & Statement
BHA Prevent Policy.pdf(211.1 KB)
Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy v5.0
BHA Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy v5.0[41402].pdf(947.98 KB)