Our Staff

Principal - Mr Alim Shaikh (MA, PGCE, MPhil, NPQH)

After gaining an MA in Philosophy from the University of Glasgow, I undertook a PGCE in English and Computing from Jordanhill College, the University of Strathclyde, qualifying as an English teacher in 1996. Subsequently, I attained my Masters degree in Applied Language Studies in Education at Kings College, University of London whilst helping to develop one of the first Islamic boys schools in the UK, Brondesbury College for Boys. Later, during my tenure as a School Improvement Consultant for a West London local authority, I commenced postgraduate studies as a Doctoral student at Kings' investigating children's multimodality and semiotics: I published papers and articles for leading journals, The Journal of Language & Education; museums, the National Museum of Media and; government agencies including QCA and BECTa. My consultancy and advisory roles for various local authorities across the UK led me to pursue further postgraduate studies in Leadership, Development and Consultancy at the Institute of Education, UCL and, eventually to pursue the NPQH headship qualification also at the Institute of Education.

I joined Barnet Hill Academy under its previous guise, as a community school, in Autumn, 2017. Presently, I lead the Academy in the capacity of Principal, leading the school through a transformation programme for students from 3 through to 16, with the aim of building upon it's successful 'Good' OfSTED rating in July, 2018 - inshaAllah.


NameRoleAbout Me
Moni Choudhury
Early Years PractitionerMy Early Years Level 3 qualification and vast experience has greatly assisted my ability to make a difference in the learning environment. As an EY Practitioner and governor of BHA, working with young children over the course of three years has enabled me to better understand childrens’ needs and make a positive impact upon their learning.
Safah Saqib
Early Years PractitionerI have achieved a Level 5 qualification and am currently working towards a BA (Hons) degree in Learning and Teaching. My role as an EY Practitioner is to ensure all children meet their personal developmental goals, and achieve the highest standard of learning available.
Salima Damani
Early Years PractitionerI have a BA (Hons) in Education and have been working with children and young people for over 20 years. During this time, I have learned that every child is unique and has an individual character. Working with children is my passion and  it gives me great satisfaction.
Summer Jafferli
Early Years PractitionerI am a qualified Early Years Level 2 Practitioner, which has greatly contributed to my understanding of how to support a child from their early years in childhood. Since I have been working with children, I have developed my knowledge of child development and improved my ability to plan and deliver educational activities.


NameRoleAbout Me
Ines JuaristiYear 1 TeacherI gained my primary qualified teacher status in 2009 and have worked as a primary teacher both in key stage 1 and 2 commencing my teaching career in 1994 when I qualified as a Montessori teacher and worked in EYFS settings.
Alia Khan
Year 2 Teacher
I have a level 3 qualification in Supporting Teaching and learnings in schools. I have also worked closely with SEN/EAL children to provide individual education plans and I have a great passion and dedication for teaching.
Amna RahmanYear 2 TeacherI have undertaken many teacher training opportunities including an Award in Teaching and Education. Working with children is my passion and it gives me great satisfaction. Along with teaching my passion is doing creative work with children, and I lead on Art Week and the annual Master Chef Cooking Competition at the Academy.
Dian WhilbyYear 3 TeacherI am a QTS Qualified Primary Teacher specialising in Science, with over 2 years of teaching experience in Early Years, KS1 and KS2. I believe my behaviour management skills and my key attention to detail when prepping and planning showcases my experience to be a great asset to Primary schools.
Bhairavi BakhaiYear 4 TeacherI am currently gaining my QTS at BHA and hold a Master’s degree in Commerce. I have more than 12 years of experience in teaching across a wide range of primary schools. In addition to my QTS at present, I have undertaken various teacher training opportunities including Award in Education and Training and Working with SEN/EAL pupils in the classroom.
Rahela ChoudhuryYear 5 TeacherI gained my qualified teacher status in 2004 and hold a B.A in Educational Studies with joint Honours in Information Technology. As a senior member of staff my vision is to raise standards in all areas of the curriculum and mainly raise the mathematical and the ICT skills of all our pupils. 
Samira Saddique Year 6 TeacherI qualified with a PGCE, after gaining my Masters in Chemistry, and commenced my teaching career as a Primary school teacher in Barnet, I enjoy teaching and have a specialism in Literacy and Science and it gives me great joy to see my students develop as they grow from young people into young adults!
 Uzma QureshiYear 6 TeacherI graduated with a BSc in Medical Sciences from Kings College, London and went on to do my PGCE in Secondary Sciences from the Institute of Education, London and also hold a Diploma in Arabic from SOAS, London.  Since joining BHA some three years ago, I have been team-teaching the Year 6 class and I have two children also attending the school.
Ibrahim GhariKS2 Islamic Studies TeacherI hold a BA in Islamic Jurisprudence and Arabic Literature from the Institute of Islamic Education, I have also gained a Level 3 in Teaching & Learning. I am one of the Imams at Hendon Mosque & Islamic Centre and hold the role of the Deputy Head of Hifdh (memorisation) class. I spend my free hours in combining Freestyle Arabic Calligraphy and Islamic Art with Graphic Design. 
Shuayb Piprawala KS2 Islamic Studies Teacher, Head of Islamic Studies & Pastoral LeadI graduated from one of the oldest Islamic seminaries in the UK; the Institute of Islamic Education, where I studied Islamic sciences, upon graduating I embarked on a year-long tour, where I engaged extensively in da'wah work with a wide range of communities. I've been the Imām at Hendon Mosque & Islamic Centre since January 2009. At BHA I helped lay the foundations of a reflective pastoral structure, where pupils are encouraged to reflect on character and take responsibility for their actions.
Abdul Rahman BadwalP.E. CoachI have over 18 years of coaching experiences ranging from KS1 up to adults, I am very passionate about helping students participate in sports to work towards achieving their full potential. Setting high standards and work ethic throughout my sessions has always produced positive outcomes and I believe I have a unique coaching style that is very relevant to students of today.

Teaching Assistants

Name RoleAbout Me
Rawshan AhmadTeaching AssistantI attained a CACHE L3 Diploma for children and young people, I also successfully completed a Level 3 Teaching Assistant course. Whilst working in school's I gained crucial knowledge on child development allowing me to obtain a unique ability of seeing where students required support. In addition, I have a degree in Law which I studied in Arabic and consequently, I mastered the Arabic Language and Literature at degree level.  
Yasmeen AliTeaching AssistantI achieved the NCFE CACHE Level 3 Diploma in Specialist Support for Teaching and Learning in Schools from Barnet and Southgate College. In addition, I hold a degree in Psychology and Arabic from the University of Punjab, Lahore. My main goal is to ensure children are encouraged to achieve their full potential and to make a real difference to the young learners I work with.


NameRoleAbout Me
Mohammad Al-BadryArabic Teacher, KS4I graduated with a Diploma in Medicine and went on to teach Arabic, which is my passion. I have been teaching in independent and supplementary schools for over 20 years and I believe that pupils must work hard and aim towards greatness in all their endeavours.
Maha AliArt Teacher, KS3 & KS4I graduated with a BA in Architecture from the University of Al-Fateh in Tripoli, and have experience of teaching Art, Design and Architecture. At BHA, I focus on curriculum enhancement through experiencing objects to corroborate and develop artistic ideas. I have a particular interest in the abstract creations of Picasso.
Kamna KohliBusiness Studies Teacher,  KS3 & KS4; Year 11 Co-tutorI graduated with a BSc in Accounting & Finance from Cardiff University and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Sheffield Business School and I also hold a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (CertEd). I am interested in embedding structures of business initiatives with the pupils at BHA.
Iffah Al-HadadCitizenship & Geography Teacher, KS3 & KS4;     Careers Lead; Year 10 Co-TutorI completed my PGCE at the London Institute of Education and have been teaching Citizenship for over 8 years. I am passionate about providing careers opportunities for pupils at BHA and aspire to nurture pupils who display a love for learning, aiming to become excellent academics and develop as good citizens.
Sarah HussainEnglish Teacher, KS3 & KS4; Head of CPD & Safeguarding; Year 9 & Lead Form TutorI hold a BA Honours in English Literature and Arabic from the University of Westminster and a Masters in Comparative Literatures from Goldsmiths College. I believe in enhancing pupil perspectives via an understanding of theory; with an emphasis on literary discourse emanating from BAME diaspora communities.I believe pupils must aspire for excellence, seeking to develop a dynamic contemporary identity rooted in knowledge and insight. 
Mariya RashidEnglishTeacher, KS3 & KS4; Year 10 Co-TutorI graduated with a BA in English from The School of Oriental and African Studies, and completed my PGCE from Goldsmiths College, University of London. My focus is to prepare upper year groups for GCSEs, I have an interest in Postcolonial fiction.
Dr Rachel Kayani
Science Teacher KS3 & KS4
I graduated with BSc in Physiology from The University of Manchester and after several years working in research completed my PhD. I have worked in a variety of science related roles including academic research, pharmaceutical companies and as a medical writer. I enjoy trying to relate the science in lessons to real life examples, hoping to increase student understanding of the world around them and encourage them to be enthusiastic about science.
Sameena Ahmad
Science Teacher KS3 & KS4
I have a BSc (Hons) in Biomedical Sciences from Kings College London and have been teaching for over 3 years. I am very excited to be joining the BHA team and look forward to undertaking my QTS here. I have a great passion for my subject and find motivation in my work when I witness my pupils engaging in, learning and, developing a love and appreciation for the sciences.
Zeina El-BoboTeacher of KS3 & KS4 English Language & Literature; Year 8 Co-TutorI graduated with a BA in Teaching English Language and Literature from The Lebanese University and have taught English for 15 years at Secondary and University level. At BHA, I have run several successful English competitions with Young Writers UK including Writing Saga's and Poetry Escape. 
Saida El HarousHistory Teacher, KS3I hold a degree in Politics with Economics and hold a qualified teaching degree with QTS. I have successfully been teaching for over 10 years in various schools and am presently enjoying my role at Barnet Hill Academy.
Nageia el-OuaretHistory Teacher, KS4I gained a BA Honours in Politics & Economics from Goldsmiths College, University of London and completed my PGCE in History from the Institute of London, UCL. I have taught History widely & have subject lead experience. I am particularly interested in the application of History outside of the classroom through Interfaith linking & enrichment.
Mariam MajeedIslamic Studies & Quran Teacher, KS3 & KS4; Year 11 Form TutorI have a background in teaching Islamic Studies across a number of institutions; with a particular enthusiasm for encouraging a discourse fusing contemporary issues with traditional Islamic ideals. At BHA I teach a range of Islamic and topical issues including Islamic perspectives throughout history and key aspects of Islamic thought & civilisation.
Zehra Saiffudin
Arabic & Islamic Studies Teacher; Primary & Secondary
Year 7 Form Tutor
After graduating with a BSc in Psychology from the Royal Holloway (University of London) in 2014, I began a 5 year 'Ālimiyyah Programme at Ebrahim College where I studied Arabic and various other Islamic Sciences. I completed the programme in the summer of 2019. In addition to this, I have been teaching child and adult classes for the past 6 years, and am currently teaching a self-developed course on Qur'anic Arabic Grammar for adults.
Saqiba SheikhQuran Teacher, KS3 Quran; I graduated in Islamic Studies and Tajweed from the University of Islamabad and have been teaching Quran, Tajweed and recitation for over 14 years across a number of institutions. At BHA I focus on a number of activities including; Interfaith Workshops, Trips, and further Enrichment such as the Alan Senitt Programme. I am particularly interested in developing Enrichment projects to raise awareness of social issues.
Najam RashidMaths & Science Teacher; KS4I am a qualified Maths/Science Teacher having graduated as a teacher some 25 years ago. At BHA I focus on teaching the upper year groups in preparation for their GCSE’s and I have a particular interest in the Physics of Chemistry.
Saima KhanMaths Teacher; KS3I am currently undertaking a BA Honours in Teaching & Learning from Middlesex University after having graduated with an Msc in Applied Chemistry from the University of Karachi. I keenly advocate the importance of comprehending the ‘basics’ and believe an understanding of basic Maths structures is essential to enjoyment & attainment in Maths.
Mumtaz Hanif
Maths Teacher: KS3 & KS4
Ms Hanif is a qualified teacher with over 10 years experience of teaching Science and Maths at Secondary level.  She also has over 20 years experience of working as a private tutor. Ms Hanif came to teaching after a career in Project Management for the European Social Fund.
Teodora Gabriela TurcuP.E. Teacher; KS3 & KS4I graduated from the University of Lucian Blaga in Romania with a specialism in Physical Education and Management in Sports.  I competed as a Professional Handball player for ten years on a national level, and have also studied the discipline of Judo for a number of years. I have taught PE for the last 15 years and am currently studying for a BSc in Computing and Technology at the University of Roehampton.