Our Reception

A typical day at 'Barnet Hill' Reception Class

We make sure every day in Reception is full of learning, discovery and more importantly lots of fun. 
Morning session: Children come and settle in by 8:30am-9:00am to a range of activities to choose from. This is followed by carpet time and registration. We have a busy morning with daily Phonics sessions, Maths lessons, Arts and Crafts, Role Play, Construction, Guided-Reading, Independent Handwriting/Drawing, Group Discussions and sharing as well as looking at books independently. Various exciting activities are planned throughout the day keeping the diverse needs and interests of all children in mind.

Snack: Snack time is a good opportunity for everyone to socialise with each other. All children are encouraged to bring a healthy snack from home. The importance of washing hands and eating healthy is regularly encouraged. 

Phonics Session: The phonics session starts around 9:15am - 10:00am. We follow the letters and sounds guidance and the song of sounds phonics scheme to teach phonics in the most engaging and fun way. The children engage in a carpet-based phonic session for 10 minutes in which they learn a new sound each day, after which we practice to write the letter corresponding to the sound they have learnt. 
(Phonics and Reading Presentation for Parents - This presentation usually takes place during the first half of the Autumn term, and is aimed to assist the EYFS parents in understanding how we teach phonics in preparation for reading.)

Lunch: The children are encouraged to bring in a healthy lunch. Our lunch time begins from at 11:45am in the cafeteria. 

Outdoor Play: Our outdoor environment, the EYFS garden, is prepared every morning with a variety of activities to keep the children engaged such as sand play, the water tray, large and small construction, small world, trikes, scooters and hoppers. Opportunities for literacy, such as reading and independent writing, are always available. 

Arts & Crafts: We have a free flow system where children have an access to the Arts and Crafts room while playing in the garden on a daily basis. There is a variety of sensory play opportunity including play dough, painting, and tuff trays with shaving foam and cornflour play. 

Guided Reading/ E-book: We monitor our children's reading skills through daily guided reading. Teachers listen to children reading on a one-to-one basis. Children are encouraged to read the books according to their reading ability.   

Focused Group activity: The teacher works with small groups of children to complete a focused activity based on the half-termly topic, as well as the learning they did on the day. The other children have access to all of the activities indoor and outdoor during this time.

Rhyme time/ Story time: This practitioner-led activity provides children an opportunity to learn new rhymes developing their language and communication. Our children are read stories at least twice a day as we continue to enhance their love of books. 

Tidy up/ Home time:  Our children take ownership of their classrooms and outdoor area as they help with tidying up before getting ready to go home after a well-spent day of fun-filled learning at school.