Our School Day

School Learning Day

Please find below an outline of our school day for Primary students. We have designed this with some best practice principles in mind i.e. regular breaks, a focus on key areas within the context of our school and faith ethos; Reading, English, Maths, P.E. and, Islamic Studies.
  • Salah (Congregational Prayer): KS1 (Y1 & Y2) students do not participate in Salah, this applies for Y3 - Y6 students only
  • Hometime: KS1 (Y1 & Y2) School ends at the 'normal' time of 3:20pm for KS1 students on Friday's
  • Hometime: KS2 (Y3 - Y6) Students have a school day ending at 3:20pm for Y3 - Y6 students on Friday's
  • P.E.: All students (YR - Y6) should attend school in full P.E. uniform every Friday due to the special sports focus
  • P.E. Uniform: Parents of students not wearing the school P.E. uniform will be called to collect their son/daughter from the front Administration office until the correct uniform is brought for learning, repeated failure of students attending school in the correct attire will result in referral to the pastoral team.

Y1 - Y2 Timetable 

School Office Open8:00 am
Gates Open / Close for Children8:15 am8:25 am
Registration8:25 am8:35 am
Lessons8:40 am10:00 am
Break / Fruit10:00 am10:20 am
Lessons10:20 am12:20 am
Lunch / Play12:20 am1:10 pm
Lessons1:10 pm2:10 pm
Break / Fruit2:10 pm2:20 pm
Lessons2:20 pm3:20 pm
Home CollectionEnd-of-Day
3:20 pm

Y3 - Y6 Timetable

School Office Open8:00 am
Gates Open / Close for Children
8:15 am8:25 am
Registration8:25 am8:35 am
Lessons8:40 am10:15 am
Break / Fruit10:15 am10:35 am
Lessons10:35 am12:20 am
Lunch / Salah12:20 pm1:30 pm
Lessons1:30 pm3:20 pm
Lessons1:30 pm3:20 pm
Home CollectionEnd-of-Day3:20 pm