Our Nursery

A typical day at Barnet Hill Nursery


Children enrolled in Nursery Class can attend either a Full Day or Half-Day, full details are available via the School Office, contact, Ms Tarannum, Head of Administration.

Nursery Start / MorningHalf-Day (AM)8:30 am
Nursery End / MorningHalf-Day (AM)11:30 am
Nursery Start / AfternoonFull-Day (PM)8:30 am
Nursery End / AfternoonFull-Day (PM) 2:30 pm 
Optional (Chargeable)2:45 pm3:15 pm

At Barnet Hill Nursery, each day is thoughtfully structured to provide an enriching experience for all children, from the moment they arrive until they leave. Here's a breakdown of a typical day at our nursery, reflecting our commitment to a nurturing and educational environment:

Arrival: The day begins at 8:30 am with children arriving and being warmly greeted by their teachers and friends. This initial period allows children to settle in comfortably and engage in free choice play, which is crucial for their social and emotional development. Free play also helps children transition smoothly from home to the nursery setting each morning.

Registration: Following arrival, the day officially starts with the reading of morning duas, integrating cultural and spiritual education into our daily routine. The register is then taken to ensure the safety and accountability of all children present. This practice not only helps maintain organizational order but also fosters a sense of routine and security among the children.

Circle Time: Circle time is a foundational component of the day, where children and their teacher gather for a group session. During this time, they discuss the day, date, weather, month, and season, which helps develop their understanding of time and natural cycles. Additionally, this time is used for singing action rhymes, sharing favorite songs, exchanging news, and storytelling. This interactive session is instrumental in developing language skills, social interaction, and public speaking confidence.

Morning Activities: Recognizing that children are naturally curious and eager to learn, morning activities are carefully planned by our dedicated Nursery teachers. These activities are designed based on the children’s interests and developmental needs, making learning personalized and engaging. Our teachers act as facilitators, creating and adapting environments that stimulate curiosity and foster learning through exploration and play.

At Barnet Hill Nursery, we prioritize creating a structured yet flexible schedule that caters to the developmental needs of each child. By intertwining educational content with playful activities, we ensure that children are not only learning but also enjoying their educational journey. This holistic approach supports all facets of a child's growth—intellectual, social, emotional, and physical—preparing them for future educational endeavors.