Reception - Healthy Oat and Banana Cookies!

If you're looking for a healthy snack to make at home, our Reception students' delicious banana and oat cookies might be the perfect thing to try!


Year 5 - Incorporating everyday objects into art!

Did you know that everyday objects have the potential to become unique art pieces? We didn't know either, until we saw how our Year 5 class incorporated drawings of scissors and cameras into a cool design!


Year 4 - Still-life sketching!

Upon stepping into our Year 4 classroom, we were greeted with a calm atmosphere in which our students practiced their still-life sketching skills by drawing the various decorative objects placed in front of them! Our students did a fabulous job putting pencil to paper and we're looking forward to seeing their final results!


Year 5 - Art installations!

Our talented artists in Year 5 thrived in their Art lesson where they explored different types of installation art, and even had a go at replicating their own!