Learn about the Seerah

Learn more about the Seerah, the Life of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), by reading about his daily life, then take the quiz!


Maths Skills Check 4 Mums nd Dads

You don’t have to resit your Maths GCSE to find out your current numeracy level. There is a free online service provided by charity National Numeracy to help you.

The National Numeracy Challenge is a free, web-based learning tool. It's designed to help you improve your everyday maths skills in manageable steps, whilst building your confidence along the way.

Click on the link below, for free help and your skills to help you empower your children with their Maths!


22 Maths Nursery Rhymes

Maths for younger ones....count the sheep, on your fingers and toes, keep them busy with this list of 22 Nursery Rhymes focused around mathematical learning...


Choosing Good Reading Books

English - Choosing Excellent Reading Books is sometimes not so easy as it seems, read this simple guide for some key pointers from experts in the field...