More Number Day Activities!

Our Year 2 students have been busy writing their very own number-centric stories named something like "39 steps in a day" and "The mysterious number" among many prolific literary titles.
Meanwhile, our Year 3 students were designing beautiful numbers filled with colourful patterns and designs!


Year 3 - ICT Fun!

It's always a fun time in our ICT lab at school and we had the pleasure of seeing what our Year 3 students were getting up to in their ICT lesson - their task involved incorporating different symbols and pictures to collect data on Microsoft Word, and judging by their excitement in class, they certainly seemed to enjoy themselves!


Year 2 - Running our own toy shop!

Our Year 2 students definitely have what it takes to be entrepreneurs, as they created and ran their very own toy businesses. This activity allowed them to set up their own shops, advertise their businesses and buy other peoples' things with fake money. It was a great way to introduce them to the concept of owning a business, and the different aspects to it - from adding and subtracting figures, to generating lots of sales!


Year 1 - 3D Art and Creative Design!

Our talented Year 1s have thoroughly been enjoying their art lessons, and this week, they've been creating their very own 3D trees using strips of paper! This activity enabled them to work together with their partners to create a colourful and creative pieces!