Year 2 - Amazing Habitats!

The wild ferns of jungles and the underwater depths of the ocean were brought to life by our Year 2 students' creativity, skill and imagination. Our students went above and beyond over the half-term holidays, bringing back their very own habitats that they created!


Working on our Ramadan Calendar!

Did you manage to snag your copy of our last year Ramadan calendar? If not, don't worry, because our students are working on this year's Ramadan calendar which will be even better than last year's InshaAllah! Our students' creativity and artistic flair will be displayed in their work, and we can't wait to share the finished product with you all!


Shaykh Holmes and the Ramadan Mysery / Qur'an Assembly

This week, we held our 14th annual Qur'an Assembly performance, titled Shaykh Holmes and the Ramadan Mystery, and we're so pleased with the turn out! Thank you to all those who attended and solved the clues along the way, and for all the support we received to put on another fabulous show! Our students put in so much hard work and effort in such a short span of time, and their final performance certainly reflected it!

Thank you once again for everyone who was part of this amazing event!


Preparing for Charity Fitness!

Our students are gearing up for our annual Charity Fitness event, and this Friday they ran through some drills and activities to help build their resilience, stamina and confidence as they navigate a series of different fitness tasks such as skipping, balancing, throwing, climbing and more!