Ramadan Choir Practice

The sounds of beautiful Ramadan nasheeds filled our school hall as we gathered to watch our choir practice for their upcoming performance as Middlesex University Iftar!


Scholastic Book Fair!

Our annual scholastic book fair is always popular among our students, as it gives them the chance to choose their next favourite book from a vast selection! Our students enjoyed perusing through the shelves throughout the week and diving into enticing mysteries, or action-packed adventures!


World Book Day 2024!

The benefits of reading are countless, and World Book Day grants children the opportunity to bring their love of reading, and their favourite books, to life through their creative costumes! Our school halls were filled with bright colour, amazing costumes, and buzzing excitement as each class got to present their costumes during a whole school assembly. It definitely felt as if we were walking through the halls with hundreds of stories come to life!


Charity Fitness Event 2024!

Our Charity Fitness Event 2024 was a massive success, and the turnout was absolutely amazing! All the preparations our children have undertaken throughout the preceding weeks culminated in a fabulous event filled with exciting activities that tested their physical prowess, as well as a jaw-dropping obstacle course!

A big thank you goes out to all the parents who attended the event, all teaches who supported it's execution, and to Br Khalid for organising the activities, and running practice sessions with the children!