Year 1 - Boats!

Some excellent boats were produced by our Year 1 students over the holidays, who used a variety of materials such as cardboard, lolly pop sticks, straws and more to create their very own ships!


Year 2 - Castles!

Our Year 2 students returned from the half-term holidays with their very own castle models! As part of their studies regarding myths and legends, our Year 2 class were tasked with crafting their own castles, which they did extremely well! It's great to see their creativity shine through their amazing work, and the attention to detail was absolutely immaculate!


Nursery - Dinosaurs!

Nursery has begun learning all about dinosaurs this term; they've been reading all about dinosaurs in their newly-decorated book corner, and have been doing an array of activities related to the prehistoric monster. It's safe to say that they've been enjoying this new topic a lot, and we'd also like to thank our parents for going above and beyond in helping our students immerse themselves into the world of the ancient dinosaurs. Parents have made amazing costumes and props for our children, and we'r


Year 2 - Delightful Ramadan Posters!

Our 2 students got into the spirit of Ramadan this week with their beautiful Ramadan posters! They utilised different creative tools such as felt-tips, colouring pencils, stencils, glue and scissors, to make something special!