Virtual: Rules

Online /Remote Learning Rules


  • Full Uniform - must be worn during lessons
  • Punctuality - be on time to all lessons, starting with Registration
  • Learning Equipment - books, packs, pencils, erasers should be available


  • Leave/depart during the lesson - to avoid disrupting others
  • No Food/drinking/toilet breaks during lessons - breaks are incorporated in the school day
  • Adult interaction - please do not interact online with one another (adults) or with the teacher, lessons are strictly for students - NOT adults!

MS Teams Rules

  • Camera must be on at ALL times - students switching camera off will be excluded from lessons
  • Recording/Screenshots are NOT allowed - students doing so will be excluded from lessons
  • Log-In using your own (STUDENT) name only - so the teacher can tell who you are easily
  • Hand up (icon) to ask a question - just like you would in class
  • Chat - only write when teacher allows or requests
  • During short breaks mute off - but do not log off
  • Sign-In to MS Teams - use your own name
  • Mic - use as directed by the teacher
  • Fancy backdrops - not allowed

For Support: