Mobile Phone Usage

Pupils are not permitted to use mobile phones on school premises at any time. The procedures we have implemented at school are as follows:

  • all mobile phones will be placed in the boxes provided for each Year group at the start of the school day by the Form Tutor
  • mobile phones will be kept securely locked in the pastoral room
  • mobile phones will be distributed at the end of the school day by students
  • use of mobile phones on school premises is not permitted and is considered a serious breach of school rules, it will result in the phone being confiscated
  • phones confiscated for use on site will ONLY be returned to parents who will be required to collect it in person from the Form Tutor

We have found that these rules work effectively for all students whilst allowing students to be in contact on the way to/from school. We appreciate your support in this matter.

Mobile Phone Usage Letter
Mobile Phone Use Letter.docx.pdf(128.76 KB)