Form Groups

At Barnet Hill Academy we have Form Groups for each Year (Form) i.e. Year 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. Every Form has a Form Tutor and they have the daily responsibility for registration, diary checking, attendance and the daily welfare and educational needs of our Secondary Girls. Form Tutor's are the first point of contact for both students and parents and the main mechanism for contact will be the school diary which every student will have issued by the school. 

Meaningful relationships between teacher, student and parent/carer is at the heart of a successful education and our Secondary Girls School Form Tutor's play a key role in ensuring your daughter has a successful educational experience at Barnet Hill Academy. We therefore encourage parents to familiarise themselves with their daughter's Form Tutor group and establish a link between the Form Tutor and themselves. 

Year 7Ms Saqiba
Year 8Ms Najma (Mon-Wed) / Ms Umai Iman (Thu-Fri)
Year 9Ms Zeina
Year 10Ms Mumtaz
Year 11Ms Sarah

Thursday's Form Tutor focus in the Secondary Girls School is an Assembly led either by the Principal or the Head of Islamic Studies, Moulana Shuayb.

Friday's sees the recitation and focus on Surah Kahf by all Secondary Girls.

Ms Sarah is the Lead Form Tutor with overarching responsibilty for this area of the school's welfare and education systems.