Virtual Academy

Barnet Hill Virtual Academy

Barnet Hill Virtual Academy is how we, as a school, will be supporting our students and parents through the phase when the country is in 'lockdown'. 
Everyone at Barnet Hill Academy is passionate about helping young people achieve their potential and serving our community and as such we have moved swiftly to ensure that their is a degree of continuity of learning. Whilst we, as educators, fully recognize that the online, virtual world cannot fully replicate the real, physical world, we also believe that it is highly critical to continue to support our students during these challenging times.
The Academy's Governors, Teachers and staff welcome all of our students and parents to engage with the 'Virtual Academy' as we offer this support to our students and aim to support their ongoing learning journey whilst staying safe and well in the comfort of their homes, inshaAllah, God-Willing.
We pray and make supplication that Allah (SWT) guide as all through these challenging times and that through His guidance we are able to:
"Hold fast, all together, to the rope of Allah" (3: Surah Al-Imran)
Principal, Alim uddin Shaikh

What is Virtual Learning?
A brief resume of what 'Virtual learning' at Barnet Hill Academy implies follows, put simply, it is a learning experience that is enhanced through utilizing computers and/or the internet both outside and inside the facilities of the educational organisation. Present circumstances dictate this will now be strictly outside of the physical organisation. Instruction, most commonly, takes place in an online environment and is aimed at facilitating learning through a host of online learning tools.
How will Barnet Hill Virtual Academy help my child/ren?
Our teachers and admin colleagues worked incredibly hard following the announcement on Wednesday evening by the Prime Minister to prepare differentiated, home learning packs for students to take home on Thursday 19th March and Friday 20th March, 2020. During the last two days of school, teachers also worked with all year goups/students in preparing them for online, virtual learning through orientation, induction and preparation for this type of learning commencing from Monday 23rd March, 2020. A final assembly was held with all students and staff to supplement the message and reinforce our expectations of ongoing learning throughout this as yet unknown period.
Teachers will be working with students through a series of online learning activities and tasks and will be guiding students through the virtual portals, ensuring that they continue to make progress, that tasks are completed online and on-time and that any assessments set are undertaken and completed on time. To facilitate the Virtual Academy we have invested in a series of tools and will be adding to this comprehensive set of tools over the coming days and weeks.
What will Online Learning look like in practice?
Virtual or online learning takes many forms, however, at BHVA our goal is to provide a short term solution (duration unknown) as a bridge to the school fully re-opening and in the context of the national and global crisis. Therefore, we have invested in a suite of cross-curricular tools which cover the entire curriculum and from Early Years through to Year 11 comprehensively so that students can not only follow a 'set' curriculum facilitated by our teaching staff but also explore their own interests and navigate the resources in independent and creative ways also. The virtual platforms will be 'manned', supported and monitored by BHA teachers with additional resources being made available through the school website, regular newsletters and updates from staff at Barnet Hill Academy. In short, teaching will continue and we have put in place a staff structure to facilitate this teaching and learning practice, online. However, please note that for your child/ren to progress will require parental support also.
WhoM do I contact regarding my child's progress, username or access problems?
We have established a staff structure for Barnet Hill Virtual Academy, Ms Mariam, will be leading this initiative with my guidance and support and assisted by our current excellent team of teaching and administration colleagues.Barnet Hill Virtual Academy Staff Chart
Relevant contact methods for educational enquiries will be shared very shortly, any school administration enquiries should still be directed to the general admin email address.

BHVA Online Learning Tools

Barnet Hill Academy has subscribed to a number of online learning tools specifically for BHA students, on these online learning tools, teachers and students are able to liaise, learn and continue to be educated. Please note, these are secure online learning portals for the benefit of BHA students only.
In addition to the below tools, we will of course be guiding and signposting parents to a host of associated online learning tools and resources during the period of the school's physical closure.
Both sets of resources, secure and public ones will be continuously and regularly added to...