Latest PTFA News & Events

Below are a series of dates for the new 2021/2022 academic year for PTFA events...parents are invited to take a note of dates and please check back for updates, news and any amendments.

Coffee Mornings:

15 Sep. 2021   Time: 9:00AM   Venue: Hill Cafe
17 Nov. 2021
19 Jan. 2022
16 Mar. 2022
11 May 2022
29 Jun. 2022

Cake Sales:

Autumn Cake Sale: 22 Sep. 2021
Spring Cake Sale: 2 Mar. 2022

Ice Cream Sales:

30 June 2022
8 July 2022
15 July 2022

PTFA: Parent-Teacher-Friends-Association 

What is the Parent Teachers Friends Association (PTFA)?

Most schools have a Parent Teacher Friends Association (PTFA), which is an organisation of parents, staff, and associated people such as grandparents, etc. Its role is to encourage closer links between home and school. PTFA's are best known for their fundraising work, but they have a useful social function too. Fundraising events provide an opportunity for parents, staff, and pupils to get together.

How is the PTFA organised?

At most schools, all parents/carers and staff are automatically members of the PTFA. PTFA's hold their annual general meetings during the school year. At this meeting a committee is elected to run the PTFA – usually consisting of a chair, a vice-chair, a treasurer, a secretary, and ordinary committee members. These ordinary members include at least one, and sometimes two, parents from each class as 'class reps'. Their job is to pass on information from the PTFA to other parents in their child’s class. PTFA committees usually meet once a term & set up smaller working groups to organise individual events.

How is money raised?

Most of PTFA's raise money through events. BHA PTFA events vary but the main ones are;  the Autumn Dinner/Gala's, Prinicpal's Barbeque, ‘Ice Cream Fridays’. The PTFA is always looking for new fundraising ideas, anyone can submit them. 

How is the money spent?

Funds raised by the PTA are intended to provide ‘extras’ not already provided by the school's main income – often 'fun things' that make learning more interesting and exciting. The PTFA committee decides, in tandem with the teachers and Principal, how to spend PTFA funds following requests from the school e.g. computers, playground & school equipment.

How can I be involved in the PTFA?

There are many different ways you can help with the PTFA, whether you have lots of time to offer or not. Some of the roles are time-consuming, although also rewarding. If you can’t commit to a big job, look out for things you can do less frequently (e.g running a stall at the summer fair, baking for a cake sale) or donating prizes for school competitions, raffles, etc). And you can always support PTFA events by simply turning up.

PTFA Chair / Contact

At BHA we're delighted to have as one of our Governor's Sr Amreena Husain who has vast experience of Governance across a range of schools, she is an active parent at the Academy and is a well known and active member of the local community working for the benefit of Barnet residents. Ms. Amreena works with all of our parents, teachers, and friends as part of the work of our PTFA (Parents, Teachers & Friends Association).
Ms Amreena brings with her vast expertise in Governance and we're proud to have her as the                                                   Parent-Link Governor for Barnet Hill Academy, contact her via,