Stand up! Education against Discrimination workshops:


BHA Secondary pupils will continue participation in anti-discrimination education workshops led by Stand Up against Discrimination.

Stand Up! was established in 2016 to provide anti-discrimination education, with a focus on antisemitism and anti-Muslim hate.

Through interactive workshops and by drawing on the unique knowledge of many partners in the Hate Crime field, Stand Up! empowers young people to act against all forms of discrimination, racism, antisemitism and anti-Muslim hate, whilst developing their sense of social responsibility to their local communities and British society as a whole
The workshops aim to

• To assess, develop and enhance students’ understanding around issues of discrimination, antisemitism and
anti-Muslim hate in a sensitive manner, and through the framework of British Values
• To provide practical and responsible strategies to counter hate crime, including encouraging reporting to school, the
Police and specialist hate crime groups
To develop students’ understanding and confidence in their civic and social responsibility in wider society