Our Curriculum

National Curriculum

We teach the National Curriculum to Years 1-6 and the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum to our children in Reception and Nursery. We want our children to learn and have fun whilst they are learning and that's what we aim to do at Barnet Hill Academy; make learning fun, enjoyable, inquisitive and a creative process so that our children develop a love for learning, reading, mathematical enquiry and everything else a rich curriculum has to offer...we regulalry upload our plans; Annual, Half-Termly and even fortnightly targets (English & Maths) to enable parents to track, engage and support their child's learning journey whilst at the Academy.

Our Curriculum

At Barnet Hill Academy we utilise an innovate curriculum planning tool, Cornerstones, to design and plan our curriculum from EYFS through to Year 6. We integrate our Islamic Studies curriculum with our National Curriculum planning and this planning is shared with our parental community to empower parents to assist and help with their child's learning.
Our Annual Curriculum Plans are available online, alongside our Half-Termly planning and Fortnightly Learning which is shared via our website under the 'Curriculum' menu.

The Creative Curriculum

At Barnet Hill Academy we use the Cornerstones Curriculum as a basis for our topic work. We have customised Cornerstones to meet the needs of all our groups of learners and provide a broad, rich and deep curriculum. Each topic is split into the four cornerstones; Engage, Develop, Innovate and Express.
Engage: we feel this is a highly valuable stage of learning as it provides our pupils with first hand experiences and overcomes some of the barriers to their learning:
  • Gain memorable first-hand experiences, such as going on a visit or inviting a special visitor into school
  • Enjoy ‘WOW’ experiences
  • Get an exciting introduction to a topic or theme
  • Begin researching and setting enquiry questions
  • Get lots of opportunities to make observations
  • Develop spoken language skills
  • Take part in sensory activities
  • Have lots of fun to fully 'engage' with their new topic

Develop: At the ‘Develop’ stage, children:
  • Improve their knowledge and understanding of the topic
  • Develop and practice their new skills
  • Compose, make, do, build, investigate, explore, write for different purposes and read across the curriculum
  • Research their own questions and those set by others
  • Follow new pathways of enquiry based on their interests
  • Complete homework activities that support their learning.

Innovate: at the ‘Innovate’ stage, children:
  • Apply skills, knowledge and understanding in real-life contexts
  • Solve real or imagined problems using everything they’ve learnt
  • Get inspired by imaginative and creative opportunities
  • Revisit anything not fully grasped at the ‘Develop’ stage.

Express: at the ‘Express’ stage, children:
  • Become the performers, experts and informers
  • share their achievements with parents, classmates and the community
  • evaluate finished products and processes
  • link what they have learnt to where they started
  • celebrate their achievements!

Phonics & Reading

At Barnet Hill Academy we use a synthetic phonics programme based on ‘Letters and Sounds’, for our Nursery students, a DfE supported programme. 
Phonics from Reception year through to KS1 is supported by the 'Bug Club Phonics' programme, this allows teachers to track student progress and send home links for reading material and parental support also. 
In EYFS and Key Stage 1, classes have a 20 minute daily phonics session. In this session, children initially learn how to blend and segment sounds alongside learning the letter sounds. As their Phonics knowledge progresses, children are taught how to represent longer vowel sounds using groups of letters e.g. ‘ai’ in ‘rain’, ‘igh’ in ‘light’. In years 1 and 2 children are taught alternative ways of representing the same sound and begin to be taught spelling rules.
Children in Reception and Key Stage 1 are given a Phonics-based reading book and a home/school reading diary. All books are banded into a progressive and cohesive scheme for the children to progress through. When children have finished the scheme, they become ‘free readers’ and are able to choose their own reading book from a range of longer books.
We use the 'Reading Planet' programme to offer further support with whole-school reading and additional reading materials beyond.


At Barnet Hill Academy we are pleased to closely follow the White Rose Mathematics scheme across the school. White Rose Maths is an organisation that aims to work collaboratively with teachers across the country to improve mathematics teaching. Inspired and informed by robust, world-class research and global maths experts, the scheme aims to change maths education and change how students experience math. The White Rose approach aims to encourage all pupils to master mathematics.
Click the link for more information: https://whiteroseeducation.com/parent-pupil-resources/maths