Homework is an integral part of the learning process at BHA.  Homework builds on school based learning and improves pupil academic achievement. Homework is an essential aspect of becoming a confident and  independent learner, which will help throughout their time at school and beyond.
Pupils are expected to record homework tasks in their School diary during every lesson.
Homework is set according to a weekly timetable homework. The amount of time pupils should spend on homework increases as they move up the year group.
Homework will be monitored and marked regularly with constructive feedback provided by the teacher.   Forms of marking used at BHA include:
·Formative teacher marking in which the teacher identifies exactly what the student has done well, what they have been less successful in doing and an indication of how improvements can be made.
·Self and/or peer marking in which students are guided in marking their own or others work using success criteria and mark schemes, noting positive aspects and areas for development.
·Oral feedback in which teachers will speak to students about their work and give them formative feedback verbally.
Teachers use all types of marking to inform planning so that common areas of difficulty are addressed. Homework tasks completed to an exceptional standard are rewarded.

We encourage parents to support with homework in the following ways: 
· Checking diaries to ensure all work set is completed to a high standard
· Talking to your child about the homework they have been set each week.
·Ensure they have a quiet space to complete their homework away from phones and other distractions.
If you have any concerns about homework, please contact the school.
KS1 Weekly Homework Timetable: 
- Spellings 

KS2 Weekly Homework Timetable: 
- Spellings
- Maths
- English
- Reading
- Memorisation of Surah's and dua's (Daily)

Due to the nature of some courses, homework may be set more for certain subjects.
Please do not hesitate to contact your child's Progress Tutor if you have any issue regarding this.