Home-School Day

Virtual School Learning Day


Please find below an outline of a suggested school day for our Primary students, this is very much a guideline but may be helpful to some parents on focusing our children around some form of regularity in their learning day. We have designed this with some best practice principles in mind i.e. regular breaks, focused bursts of learning and, a focus on key areas within the context of our faith school; Reading, English, Maths and, Islamic Studies. The timings below approximate to what has been shared with parents in the Fortnightly Learning schedules and are as a guide only...
We will aim to vary and update this schedule from time to time based upon our students engagement and progress.

Virtual School Open24 Hours
Getting Ready for Learning Time9:00am9:15am
Reading  (ESSENTIAL - DAILY)9:15am9:45am
Islamic Studies11:00am12:00 Noon
Lunch / Salah12 Noon1:00pm
Topic / Humanities / Social Studies / Project Work2:00pm
(Allow for a break in between)
Parents may find the Weekly Home-School Planner helpful in structuring and organising their's child/ren's study week schedule.
Home-School Planner - Weekly
Home-School Planner.pdf(29.05 KB)
How to support Home-Learning
How_to_support_home_learning_-_parent_factsheet.pdf(25.24 KB)