Home-School Day

Virtual School Learning Day


An atypical Secondary home learning day would look significantly different from a primary day and hence it is not apt to share a 'timetable' outline. Nevertheless, we make a number of suggestions which may be helpful in supporting and guiding your child/ren's learning during this period.
Please note the 'Virtual School' Learning tools are available 24 Hours a day and teachers will be monitoring, setting work, assignments and so on throughout this period.

1.Students learn best when provided with a structured routine, recommended study times are:
AM Study session: 10am - 12pm
PM Study session: 1pm - 4pm
2.It is essential that daily study routines are in place. Regularity helps to maintain the focus and discipline in student learning and aids attainment and  progress.
3.Students need regular breaks when learning online. Online study should take place through 30 – 40 minute 'learning sessions' with a short break in between each session.
4.It is important to provide a space where children are able to study, free from distraction, where possible.

 This may be challenging where there are many children at home. A helpful approach is to provide a rota system for learning time, domestic chores, free-time and other activities.

A rota based system may be more effective for encouraging learning and study time for all children.
5.Reading is hugely beneficial to all children.

Please ensure your child/ren are reading every day.

Reading a wide variety of texts is crucial.  We would advise parents to provide as many reading materials at home as possible, this includes novels, information texts, newspapers and magazines.

How to support Home-Learning
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