Fees & Charges

Fees & Charges

The School Fees are payable termly, in advance, or monthly, by agreement. A full fees schedule is available for download.

On occasion the school may make an additional charge for additional activities e.g. trips and visits, which are compulsory to attend for students, but these will always be shared with parents in advance. When such activities are organised they will be introduced compulsorily as part of the schools curriculum experience. A limited number of specialist books or resources e.g. Arabic language, Art materials etc. are required to be purchased by parents, which remain with students, these costs are limited but necessary and must be purchased at the request of the school.

Additional charges are made for uniforms (compulsory) and school lunches (parental choice) on an individual basis.

Fee Schedule 2018 / 2019

These are fees due for enrollment during the 2018/19 academic year, commencing for the academic year September, 2018. Fees, other charges & fee arrangements for the forthcoming Academic year (2018/19).

Tuition Fee  
[annum – Reception to Year 9]
Tuition Fee
[annum – GCSE Year]
Application Processing Charges
[new pupils only]
Entry Examination Resit Charge
[new pupils - where an offer of a resit has been made by the Principal]
Registration Fees
[new pupils only on acceptance of place at the school]

Note: All fees and charges are Non-Refundable