Primary Curriculum

National Curriculum

In our school we teach the National Curriculum to Years 1-6 and the Foundation Stage curriculum to our children in Reception. We aim to move the children on with their learning by finding out what they can and cannot do and then plan accordingly. Teachers review pupil progress on a regular basis and there are opportunities for parents and teachers to meet termly. At the end of the school year parents receive a report of their child's progress in writing. Parents and teachers are encouraged to talk to each other regularly.

We want our children to learn and have fun whilst they are learning.  We know they will only learn if they feel safe and secure and hence we do spend a considerable amount of time in settling the children into school when they first start. Whilst in FS2, KS1 & KS2 children will have the opportunity to learn Islamic Studies and the National Curriculum subjects: English; Maths; Science; Information and Communication Technologies; Religious Education; History; Geography; Physical Education; Art and Design Technology.

Primary Topic Web & Home Learning - Autumn 2

Please download document to view Class Topics and Home Learning  Activities.

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Primary Topic Web & Home Learning - Autumn 1

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